Our partners

Devoteam is a French company specialized in consulting in network and systems infrastructures. They offer treir customers consulting, integration of solutions based on the company's needs and technological expertise.
Horoquartz is a French company, subsidiary of Amano, who is specializes in time and access management in companies. Horoquartz provides software for: time management, access control, intrusion detection, monitoring and visitor management, card and identities management.
OïkiaLog is a French company specialized in the security consulting and the integration of log analysis solutions that allow to exploit different sources of information generated by all devices on the network of the company.

OpenSeas is an international company specializing in IT consulting worldwide. Halfway between customers and suppliers, OpenSeas offers to find the best technical solutions to meet the computing needs of the companies.

Prim'X Technologies is a French software company that publishes data encryption solutions for the workstation. Their solutions offer: files and directories encryption, hard disk encryption, emails encryption.

Serviware is a supplier and an integrator specializing in the development of production information systems, backup, storage (NAS, SAN and iSCSI), calculation and graphical display. They propose to find solutions tailored to business needs including the supply, installation of individual workstations and / or overhaul of a site.