Our approach

The current security environment is very tense: the attackers, creative and stubborn, regularly find ways to circumvent prevention technologies implemented by IT security teams.

Most attacks in particular APTs, have similar effects on their target: connections on the server, privilege elevation, account creation, then addition or change of configuration. Therefore, the absence of monitoring of the servers will have dramatic consequences!

However, the two categories of conventional security tools reach their limits:

  • The perimetric protection tools, necessary but insufficient.
  • The attack detection tools forced into a permanent race behind the strikers.

OVELIANE with OSE proposes  a new approach focusing on the effects of breaches, thus ensuring the preservation of system integrity.

OSE unmasks illicit or unwanted activities (APT):

  • Alteration of system components and applications
  • Presence of unusual or unjustified network flows
  • Appearance of new processes

OSE provides a complete view of server health status, allows to address security from a different angle, and so to keep a step ahead of cyber attackers.